Andy, nicknamed Bucky by his classmates, was one of the students on the bus. The Creeper chose him along with some of the other people on the bus to kill. Bucky had used the radio to signal for help. Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. answered his call. The Creeper tried to pull him through the hole in the bus but failed due to Rhonda impacting him with a javelin. He was also seen running through the feild with the rest of the students, but somehow managed to enter the bus, Jonny and Chealsea realizeing that the Creeper was after him tried to get him to leave but the Creeper once again tried to pull him through the hole but was caught off gaurd by Jack Taggart. Bucky also witnessed with Jack Taggart Jr., Johnny, Minxie, Double D, and Chealsea. Jack Taggart Sr. stabbing the Creeper multiple times.

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