Andy "Bucky" Buck
College Student
Andy Bucky Buck
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Relatives: Unknown
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
2003 jeepers creepers 2 005
Andy Buck (refered to by his friends as Bucky) is the towel boy for the Bannon High School basketball team. He is one of The Creepers five targets in Jeepers Creepers 2 and is a good friend of Izzy. He is played by Billy Aaron Brown.

Jeepers Creeepers 2Edit

Bucky is singing and celebrating with his fellow team members except for Scotty. They hoist their victory at a passing truck. Then one of the back wheels bursts to shreds unexpectedly, where Betty, the driver, soars the bus to a halt. As they take bathroom breaks, Bucky does not take kindly to Jake's taunt. Then all freak out as Big K gets frightened by what appears to be crows. They all get back on the in the bus and limp home.

It is at night and Bucky is sleeping like most of the teens, but he immediately wakes up when the same back wheel explodes to shreds once more, permanently stopping the bus. All the players and cheerleaders are ordered off the bus. They all crowd off the road as Betty and Coach Dwayne whisper to one another, and Coach Charlie setting flare in front of the bus. Suddenly Charlie screams somewhere up in the night, where a flare falls to where he had been standing. Panic begins to erupt as the teens are ordered back on the bus for safety.

As they enter the bus, Bucky shows the most logic. He contacts help using the buses C.B. radio, he is so preoccupied he is startled to hear Betty screaming high in the stars. When Dwayne requests an answer from Jake, who had seen Betty lift off, says she flew away. The argument heats up to Scotty facing off with Dwayne, who had made a substitute off Scotty too early in their match. Suddenly Dwayne is grabbed by tough tallons on the shoulders, which lift him up. Bucky witnesses the struggle between Scotty and whatever was taking Dwayne to air. In the end, Dwayne is lost, still screaming in the night. The teens all barricade themselves in the bus. Scotty tells them what took Dwayne had big wings.

Seeing their state, he spends most of his time on the radio trying to get help, with Rhonda taunting him about the radio not working. Izzy finds javelins, which Scotty remarks as useless, and Dante finds a Betty's flaregun and a bunch of flares. Scotty insists they head out in the open and find the farm in the middle of the cornfield, but none think it is a good idea. The dispute ends up between Scotty and his nemesis Double D. Then the winged monster returns, and they all spot him sniffing the bus. They all hide between the sits. Scotty asks Bucky to move the bus, which was impossible. The winged stranger then looks at them from the emergency exit, where he winks at Dante, smiles at Scotty, smiles at Minxie, signals a bang at Bucky, orders Big K to step away, and licks the bus at the sight of Double D. Then the stranger shakes the bus, breaking the emergency exit, all thinking it was trying to get in the bus. They breathe for a few seconds when Minxie passes out, with her eyes rolling completely back.

When Minxie awakes, Minxie tells them what a dead boy told her in her dream about the winged stranger, known as The Creeper, who smells people's fear, and from those it wants, it was to eat, and that since this was its last night of spring, it was to go back under the earth after midnight.

All of a sudden Bucky rushes to the radio and in a lucky break, he patches through to someone who promises is already on the East 09 Highway, who promises to call the cops, and urges them to hang on.

They all cheer at Bucky, but the celebration is cut short as the Creeper's hand tears the roof and grabs Bucky's head. Everyone falls back, and the Creeper begins to pull Bucky upward through the hole. Double D and Big K rush forward to keep Bucky from being pulled away, buying time for Rhonda to pick a javelin and puncture a hole through the roof and through the Creeper's shoulder. The Creeper tries one more time to pull Bucky through the hole with brute strength, but Rhonda shoves the javelin just near the hole, causing the Creeper to let go of Bucky. They see the struggle the Creeper goes through to get the javelin escape the hole, which he manages to in the end. Double D tells them that half of the Creeper's head is gone. The Creeper stagger, and takes off momentarily, vanishing in the night. Then seconds later they hear a wind above the bus, which get louder and louder, as if something was swiftly flying down on the bus. Then bang!!!', something crashes over the bus, shattering all the windows save the emergency exit. They see one of the Creepers wings at the window, prompting Izzy to peek through the hole the Creeper had made prevoiusly, when trying to capture Bucky, and sees the Creeper passed out over the roof.

They take this as a chance to open the doors and flee, but none of them open, including the emergency exit, which Izzy shows the Creeper deliberetly jammed it to trap them in the bus. The the roof tears apart, and one of the wings slides in and hangs across the bus, separating the teens into two groups. As the teens at the rear of the bus cross under the wing, The Creeper's wing swiftly and cunningly hoods over Dante's torso when he boasted about how light the wing was, and begins to fish him out through the hole. Double D and Izzy pull Dante's body back in, only to find it beheaded and very much alive, but eventually dies. They hear crunching noises on the roof, and Double D takes Betty's flaregun from Dante's corpse. Rhonda asks Minxie what was happening, but curiousity takes the best of her, and she too peaks out of the hole Izzy had looked through. She screams back in informing them that the Creeper had tore its head off. Then the Creeper takes flight seconds later with Dante's head then its own hedious one.

Scotty then succeeds in opening the doors, and orders all those that the Creeper picked out to leave the bus to save those that were not chosen. Bucky verbally insults Scotty, while Scotty also pointed to the way Double D himself was picked out. Double D pins Scotty down and reminds him that he (Scotty) was picked out as well. He takes it in  himself that he will lead them to that farm Scotty told them of earlier. Double D leaves the bus with Big K, Izzy, Jake, Bucky, Minxie, Chelsea, the rest of the teens, Rhonda, and Scotty who chases after her to stay in the bus. Only Johnny stays aboard the bus and closes the doors.

They all listen as Rhonda shows Scotty how selfish he was, but Izzy suddenly points up at the moon, and they all see the Creeper watching them from high up. They all race back to the bus, asking Johnny to open the doors, but he refuses. Bucky himself climds on the hood of the bus and angrily asks Jonny to open the doors, but The Creeper sees they cannot enter, and proceeds to chase them into the open. As they run, Jake is stuck on the head by one of the Creepers stars, killing him instantly. Then The Creeper flies lower into the teens, trying to snatch Double D, who luckily trips and falls. His flying low seemed to have caused chaos as the teens break up.

Bucky finds himself alone, and he wonders all over the valley, trying to find the farm, but he has no luck. Then he seeks cover by tracking down the bus. Bucky eventually returns to the bus, and beleiving that Bucky is the one it wants Johnny and Chelsea, the two remaining in the bus demand that he leaves. The Creeper then busts through the roof of the bus grabbing Bucky, who helplessly struggles with Jonny and Chelsea refusing to help. But surprisingly, The Creeper lets go of him.

Jonny, Bucky, and Chelsea

Jonny, Bucky and Chelsea watching the battle between Jack Taggart and The Creeper

A light flashes through the bus, and a battle ensues between Jack Taggart and The Creeper. The bus is hit by Jack's truck in the process. Then all of a sudden, Bucky sees The Creeper flying in rapid speed towards the bus, obviously trying to either grab Bucky and escape with him when he breaks through the windows, or to kill Jack after emerging through the bus, but Jack shouts for the three to get down, and they find the post puncher to be aimed directly at them. They get down at the last moment, and The Creeper is hit at a massive impact from the post puncher, momentarilly subdueing him. Bucky, Jonny and Chelsea see the rope connected from the puncher to The Creeper, who flies up with all his might, causing the rope to tilt the bus and tear through its roof. Bucky and the teen come out to observe the scene, where they find Jack's truck to have been in a wreck, Jack passed out, Jack Jr trying to wake him, Minxie still alive, and a dog barking nearby. In the end the Taggarts are able to fix the truck and the post puncher, but have lost sight of The Creeper. Then suddenly they spot a flare being fired somewhere in in the distance, and Jack Jr drives with Bucky, Chelsea, Jonny, Mack the dog, Minxie, and Jack standing behind the post puncher. Then a second flare apears off road, and Jack Jr drives towards it, now assisted by the fire of an exploded car. Then they find The Creeper stuggling to eat Double D, but Jack shoot it through the head with the post puncher. Bucky watch as Jack viciously stabs The Creeper to death multiple times, until it seemingly succumbs to its wounds and dies. Minxie, who is sitting next to an injured Double D, tells them that The Creeper is not dead, but that its time ran out. However Jack says it looks dead to him. Bucky is among the remaining survivors, excluding Izzy, Rhonda, and possibly Big K, at the end of the film.
Jack Jr, Jonny, Chelsea and Bucky

Jack Jr, Jonny, Chelsea and Bucky, at the end.

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