The strange old cat woman.

Living alone (except for her cats) undisturbed, until the night Trish and Darry Jenner pulled into her front yard. She grows crops outside her house with a scarecrow. She has many cats (and guns), and resents the police and Poho County's zoning laws, angry about them telling her how many cats she can have.


Because she lives alone, she doesn't care much for strangers, but is usualy a calm person. She is very protective of her cats even risking her life for them.

Cat Lady's DemiseEdit

When Trish and Darry ask for the police the Creeper waits in front of her scarecrow and her cats start yowling.

"Thats not my scarecrow..."

~Cat Lady

She grabs a shotgun and yells at him to get out and then shoots, but he jumps out of the way. Running into her house, he begin's destroying the inside of it (as breaking glass and other objects are heard). She runs inside to defend her cats, only to be stabbed by the Creeper through the torso with the shotgun. In a deleted scene, after killing her the Creeper says "She don't smell too good...Darius!".

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