Izzy Bohen
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Status: Presumably Alive (Wounded)
Relatives: Unknown
Actor: Travis Schiffner
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2

Izzy Bohen is one of the teenagers who attends Bannon High and writes for the school newspaper, as well and being involved in the school's basketball team 'Bannon Phantoms'. The scars on his face are topic of debate, supposedly he got them from sneaking into a gay bar. Izzy is one of the more caring people on the bus when stuck on east 9, trying to keep peace among the others. He is portayed by Travis Schiffner.

Jeepers Creepers 2Edit

Izzy is one of the teenagers who along with his fellow classmates, get stranded on East 9, when The Creeper throws a Shuriken at the bus' tire. When The Creeper starts to pick off the teachers and students on the bus when would most often try to help by pulling them back, he would also try to keep the peace on the bus. When nearly all the students leave the bus in an attempt to get to a barn, he warns the teens The Creeper is back, They all then make a futile attempt to get back on the bus, they then run into an open field and is among those couple who tried to help Scotty escape from the pinned tree. He later tells Rhonda, and Double D that he has found a truck, and could help them escape, The Creeper spots them, they quickly get on board the truck and drive off, when he sees that they cannot escape, he pushes Rhonda out the truck and tries to sacrifice himself in a heroic car crash to attempt to save Rhonda and 'D' and kill the Creeper even though the Creeper is not killed, he does manage to wound it. He is then seen crawling away from the wreckage. Its not known whether he received medical attention after the creeper went into hibernation.


  • Izzy is somewhat related to the Jeepers Creepers series creator, Victor Salva, as both were connected in homosexuality in teenage years.

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