Jezelle Gay Hartman has been a psychic for most of her life.

Jezelle Gay Hartman.

She is known to own a police scanner with which she uses to keep track of incoming reports. She owns an old phonograph and has a pet Golden Retriver. She does not like being a phychic. 

When Trish and Darry get involved with the Creeper and his plans to eat/kill one of the siblings. Jezelle calls a phone where they are near and plays the song "Jeeper Creepers" on the phone and tells them that when they hear that song they will be in grave danger. She seemed to be resistant to the Creepers' attacks by not fearing him and so he could not smell her and left her alone (or did not want her at all).

Jeepers CreepersEdit

One day, Jezelle dreamed of Darry Jenner screaming in the dark being attacked by the Creeper--the creature which she sees often in her dreams--while "Jeepers Creepers" is playing (also of him and her being with "lots of cats"). She calls him and his sister Trish when they stop at a roadside diner, warning them of their fate, but they ignore her. Jezelle arrives later at the police station to tell them of the ancient creature called the Creeper. She warns them that the Creeper is a demon that hunts its victims by their fear and takes the organs that it needs from them to keep its own body alive. By the fear displayed from Darry and Trish, it has found something it likes but does not know what or from who. She reveals that she came to stop her vision of the Creeper taking one of them to a dark place where they would be screaming the last scream they'd ever scream.

The Creeper arrives later to kill/eat Darry, the police tell them to go upstairs, but Jezelle protests, saying that he will only find them up there. The Creeper then appears on the ceiling in front of Jezelle, Trish and Darry, and begins to approach them quickly. Desperate, she tells them to go upstairs before they are taken; as they leave she gets on her knees and prays, until looking up to see the Creeper gone. Panicking, Jezelle quickly looks around, only for the demon to grab her by the neck. It smells her to see if she had anything it likes but since she has no fear of it, he lets her be and goes after the siblings instead. The Creeper eventually takes Darry, and the next day Jezelle speaks with Trish, who asks her what the dream about Darry screaming in the dark meant and what happened in the end. Jezelle replies in a very sad tone, "That I'm just a crazy old woman, ask anybody, they'll tell you the same." She returns home, miserable at not being able to save Darry.


Her personality is that of a caring, yet attitude-filled woman. You can tell she cares for Darry and Trish, but she has a short temper that repeatedly goes off. But it's mostly because she is in a panic, because she knows whats going to happen and she doesn't want to.

  • It is unknown if Jezelle Gay Hartman will be confirmed to appear in Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral.

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