Kenny Brandon and Darla Cleeway were a young interracial couple that attended Wheaton Vally High in the 70's. On the school's Prom Night they won King and Queen yet afterwards the two vanished and went missing, both were presumed dead 23 years before the events of Jeepers Creepers in 2001. However, when they went missing the only thing found was the car Kenny and Darla were in which was all smashed up and only Darla's body was recovered but her head was missing. The killing ultimately became a cold case yet also became sort of a local urban legend around the town they lived in. Every kid and teenager who lived in the town knew the story of Wheaton's missing King and Queen of 78. In present day circa 2001, Darry found them intact in the Creeper cave aka the House of Pain along with hundreds of other bodies from missing people and murdered victims from over the centuries. Darla's head had been sewn back on to her body and the entire left side of her had also been sewn and attached to her lover Kenny. Both were preserved naked like the rest of the bodies around them. And to Darry's horror he realized the legend was indeed true.


"And you know what he did... Trish, you know what he did for her... He sewed it back on, he sewed her head right back on."

~Darry Jenner

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