Jeepers Creepers character
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Minxie Hayes
Race: White
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: Alive


She was a cheerleader and was on the bus that was attacked by The Creeper. She witnessed the teachers being killed. To protect herself she continued staying in the bus.

Jeepers Creepers 2Edit

Minxie realises that Scott is not celebrating with the rest of his teammates, and tries to make his girlfriend to go sit with him. Later the bus comes to a stop having punchered a wheel. She smokes with Chelsea and Rhonda, where Charlie, the team coach startles them, only for Betty to join them. Later at night, Minxie has a dream where deceased victims Darry and Billy, are shouting at her from outside the bus, while she cannot hear them, pointing into the cornfield. She finally spots The Creeper sprinting along the field, finally throwing a shuriken at the same wheel that was damaged during the day, and at the same time when she wakes she find the dream to be more of a reality. They are ordered to exit the bus. She recognises Darry's rose tatoo on the shuriken that stuck the bus. Then the coach gets scooped by The Creeper and vanishes into the night. She is puzzled with the rest when Jake claims he saw one teacher flying away. Then The Creeper returns to take the last teacher leaving the group leaderless.

She is the one who first spots The Creeper sniffing the bus, and was one of the people The Creeper chose as a target. After The Creeper leaves, Minxie drifts into another dream, where everything seemed to be in reverse. She advances the scarecrows, instantly distinguishing The Creeper from the other two. She meets Darry again, who tells her about The Creeper, and he shows her what the demon did to him by removing his eyes and the back of his head, clearly to show her how brutal The Creeper was. She wakes up as The Creeper springs wings.

When she wakes, she tells her teamates about what Darry told her, and after Bucky was able to call Jack Taggart for help, The Creeper returns, and grabs Bucky by his head. He almost manages to pull him through the roof, but Rhonda manages to stab him through the eye. The Creeper then manges to decapitate one of the teens, and he injests his head before ripping his own head off. When they finally leave the bus, The Creeper chases them into the open, where Minxie was separated from the other and manges to meet up with Jack taggart and Jack Jr.

Psychic abilitiesEdit

Minxie is a strong psychic. She had a vision that the Creeper got closer and closer and just as she saw him throw his shuriken in her "dream", she awoke as it punctured one of the bus's tires'. Her psychic abilities are very strong as she is not only able to see her visions in her mind, but actually be in them and be seen in them by other characters in her visions. It is unknown why her psychic abilities manifested all of a sudden but one "unlikely" theory is that the Creeper somehow generates psychic abilities in his surroundings, but this is highly unlikely due to the fact the the police officer from the first movie exclaims that Gezelle believes she is psychic but tells her to go home. The fact that she knew about the Creeper and his activities means she was psychic before she knew of the Creeper.


  • In Minxie's psychic visions Darry does not have the torn sleeve wrapped around his hand.
  • Minxie is one of only 2 characters (the other being Trish Jenner) to have their underwear shown (both wear black thongs).
  • It is unknown if Minxie will be confirmed to appear in Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral.

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